Carrion TV is a curatorial platform for Latin American video art. Aimed at collecting and presenting great works of video art, we strive to extend the reach of a medium that is usually inaccessible to a greater audience, rarely presented in a dignified setting and lacking proper archival and contextualization in Latin America.

Video art in Latin America is typically shown at festivals that are quite restricted in time and exhibits that are usually limited to big cities where cultural capital is concentrated. The creative and professional 

Carrion TV curates video art exhibits with works from all around Latin America and other post colonial territories, from all dates and from different latitudes within those territories, in order to build a communal memory and expand audiences.

An offline presence is necessary, and so we print postcard sized invitations for the exhibits, and distribute them through a global network of collaborators.

The name is a play on decolonizing theory, on the characteristics of the history of the marginalized, who  “(…) have been obliged to recreate their past out of scraps and remnants and the debris of history.” (Stam, Robert, 2004. Beyond Third Cinema, The aesthetics of hybridity) A nation that is born free from a subjugated role has to find it’s footing on what used to be disregarded and cast aside.

And of course it is also an homage to one of the greatest video artists from Latin America, Ulises Carrión, whose work on alternative networks for art is also an inspiration for this project.

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