Mexican contemporary textile art
Curator, museographer, exhibit coordinator

Artists included

Yosi Anaya
Minerva Ayón
Lorena Malo
Metodo Salgari
María Naidich
Miguel Pérez
Lucia prudencio
Giovanna Itzel Ramírez
Jimena Ramos
Rodolfo Salmeron

Curating show about Mexican contemporary textile art meant having to incorporate tradition and modernity. All of the pieces selected had some of both, The careful attention to detail helped connect with the traditional audience while each work had a contemporary reflection about the way we think about textiles in postmodernity.

Fibers was about the textiles as much as it was about the cultural complexities of their contemporary use, from the mystic uses still common in Mexico, to the meaning of the way we wear clothes.

The show included examples of the symbolic relationship between fabric and thread in a myriad of ways and modes of production, all of them integral to industry, commerce and personal and communal identity.
Coordinator for Nela Craft-s recycled embroidering workshop
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