Joel Gomez at Festival Regional de Artes Textiles, Zongolica


I was tasked to contribute with the traditional textiles festivals at Zongolica, Veracruz by curating a piece that would connect the traditional weaving with contemporary art. 

The selected artist was Joel Gomez from Oaxaca, since his work used synthetic materials to weave sculptural figures that while still reminiscent of the traditional work people are already used to at the region, would also introduce a new dimension and a different form of engagement of the local audience with the possibilities of woven materials.

The chosen work was a woven tower made out of synthetic thread, which would withstand the harsh weather conditions of an exterior in the mountains, it was installed at the center of the main plaza, about twenty meters away from the artisans pavilion, where people taking a stroll would interact with it, taking the gaze in unexpected directions and surprising a population already accustomed to seeing artisans selling their wares there.
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