La Vida Acuática
Solo show of Lucia Prudencio


Lucia Prudencio is a native of Xalapa, Veracruz. Her work is imbued by an adoration of nature, plants and animals are depicted in a way each leaf and shoot becomes the main character of its own story. Even when there are scores of them, each one is delicately placed to have its moment in the gaze.

Veracruz is a state of greenery, specially the high mountains region where Xalapa is situated. Wherever the eye looks, it will find the deep complex green of a thousand different plant species. Taking the road to La Orduña, the place where Sofia's workshop is situated means driving miles of lush mountain roads. Lucia makes singular leafs and vines and flowers stand out, brought to the forefront in traditional painting and illustration techniques, using the familiar abstraction derived from contemporary pop art and zine's culture, a nature-punk that appreciates coming back from traveling around the world and steeping some tea in a house surrounded by the forest.

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